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treatment of rhabdomyolysis and crush syndrome
pharmacology psychiatry 国試   HirotoShishido

adverse effect of Ca blocker
cardiology pharmacology 卒試   HirotoShishido

second line antibiotics for syphilis
必修 microbiology pharmacology   HirotoShishido

contraindication for fibrinolytics
必修 cardiology pharmacology   HirotoShishido

opioid use in renal dysfunction
neurology pharmacology UWorld   HirotoShishido

neuromuscular blocking agents for the patients with myasthenia gravis(MG)
neurology pharmacology UWorld step2CK   HirotoShishido

target of levetiracetam
neurology pharmacology   HirotoShishido

adverse effects of ganciclovir
microbiology pharmacology UWorld   HirotoShishido

decrease the risk of pneumococcal meningitis
microbiology pharmacology UWorld   HirotoShishido

treatment for sporothrix schenckii
microbiology pharmacology   HirotoShishido

mecA gene
microbiology pharmacology UWorld   HirotoShishido

immunology pharmacology   HirotoShishido

reproductive pharmacology   HirotoShishido

respiratory pharmacology   HirotoShishido

diagnosis/ causes of rhabdomyolysis
renal pharmacology UWorld   HirotoShishido

what dirupt the BBB (blood-brain barrier) and increase permeability
of medications

neurology pharmacology   HirotoShishido

treatment for pseudogout
musculoskeletal pharmacology   HirotoShishido

acidic environment for lipase
gastrointestinal pharmacology UWorld   HirotoShishido

drugs which has been shown to improve long-term survival in patients with HF due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction
cardiology pharmacology UWorld   HirotoShishido

oral rehydration for children with watery diarrhea
gastrointestinal pharmacology UWorld   HirotoShishido