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女性 尿管の走行
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Potter sequences cause,prognosis
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CIN分類 分け方
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the difference between complete mole and partial mole
p57 expression

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common ages for each testicular germ cell tumors+ markers
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function of BRCA
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for what predilection does HPV have?
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vastectomy and viable sperm
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FSH and inhibin in the patient with 1 testicle
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in Klinefelter syndrome

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age factor for malignant breast tumors
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Meigs syndrome

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OCTs contraindications
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winged scapula
injury, causes, muscle, function deficit

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menopause in Turner syndrome
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pterygium colli deformity
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most common cause of bloody nipple discharge
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labs for 21-hydroxylase deficiency
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breast cancer
ovarian cancer

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