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melatonin receptor agonist

orexin receptor antagonist

pharmacology UWorld   HirotoShishido

medication for weight loss
mechanism, adverse effects

pharmacology gastrointestinal UWorld   HirotoShishido

follow up of the patients with liver cirrhosis
gastrointestinal UWorld step2CK 国試115回   HirotoShishido

HIV-associated conditions which does’t need prophylaxis
infectious disease UWorld step2CK   HirotoShishido

smoking cessation for the patient with COPD before surgery
respiratory UWorld step2CK   HirotoShishido

management for transient ischemic attack(TIA)
neurology UWorld   HirotoShishido

what regular activity is the most important and recommended in the patient with diabetes mellitus
endocrinology UWorld SIM1   HirotoShishido

mechanism, clinical use, adverse effect

endocrinology pharmacology UWorld step2CK   HirotoShishido

hypothyroidism and T3
endocrinology UWorld   HirotoShishido

prenatal screening for group B streptococcus

characteristics of the bacteria

microbiology UWorld UWorld step2CK   HirotoShishido

TAP protein

immunology UWorld   HirotoShishido

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english   HirotoShishido

english   HirotoShishido

english   HirotoShishido

cells in which telomere length is maintained by telomerase
genetics UWorld   HirotoShishido

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Kehr sign
gastrointestinal UWorld   HirotoShishido

Hospice care life expectancy
public health UWorld   HirotoShishido