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① She *applied for a job with the local newspaper.

② apply for, apply to

⑤ to make a formal request,

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① Your bag will be *conveyed to the hotel by taxi.

③ SYN : deliver

⑤ to take or carry something from one place to another

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① They *encountered serious problems when two members were injured.

② encounter problems/difficulties

③ confront, face

⑤ to experience something, especially problems or opposition

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① He was drunk when he crashed the car.

②crash a car/plane

③ SYN: hit, collide

⑤ to have an accident in a car, plane etc by violently hitting something else

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①The project will *provide young people with work.

①The hotel *provides a shoe-cleaning service for guests.


⑤to give something to someone or make it available to them

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①I think you’ve got an *infection, so you need to rest.

⑤a disease caused by a bacteria or virus

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①Food and drinks were *distributed among us in the party.

②distribute something among/to somebody

③SYN:give out

⑤to share things among a group of people, especially in a planned way

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①We’ve been *feeding the ducks on the river.

①Have you *fed the cat?

⑤to give food to a person or an animal

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①Her paintings have been *exhibited all over the world.

③SYN:show, display

⑤to show something in a public place so that people can go to see it

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①they *disclosed her name to the press"

②refuse to disclose


⑤to give information to people.
make (secret or new information) known.

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③類義語 SYN、 synonym 似てる英単語

④反意語 ANT, antonym 反対の意味の言葉



suzyuku MYama   lasso5144