Unforgettable Memory APP

Optimized studying based on the forgetting curve vastly improves memorization.
Take advantage of easy-to-use functions, like managing your "to do" list.

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Memorizing things

People quickly forget information they don't review.
Even if a person remembers 100 things, a month later they'll only recall 20 of them.

Forgetting curve

Enter whatever you want to memorize into reminDO,
and receive reminders before you forget.

Spaced repetition

Keeping reviews to the necessary minimum maximizes the amount that can be memorized.
Helping you study more effectively.

Storing information in reminDO lets you memorize it more reliably.

Gist of books

Do more than just underline sentences.

Gist of articles

Do more than just bookmark websites.

Captured notes

Stop trawling through pages of notes.

Quotations and Inspirations

Do more than just hear it once and nod along.

Foreign language words and phrases

Stop getting lost in a sea of facts.

All that you want to memorize

Stop forgetting. Period.

Registration is simple.
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The time needed to review is automatically calculated
and a reminder is sent ahead of time when you are about to forget.

Why confine your learning to a specific location?

Study anywhere, any time on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

This service is absolutely free

Say "no more" to ineffective study.

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