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dermatology UWorld SIM1 11 minutes ago   HirotoShishido

what structure is most likely to be injured due to tibiofemoral dislocation
musculoskeletal anatomy UWorld SIM1 31 minutes ago   HirotoShishido

what cell junction does calcium dependent adhesion molecules form?
biology pathology UWorld SIM1   HirotoShishido

what regular activity is the most important and recommended in the patient with diabetes mellitus
endocrinology UWorld SIM1   HirotoShishido

anticholinergic toxicity
pharmacology UWorld SIM1   HirotoShishido

what does the absense of DNA laddering (unfragmented) in the abnormal lymphoid cells after agarose gel electrophoresis mean?
pathology UWorld SIM1   HirotoShishido

examples of proteins which undergo posttranslational cleavage
biochemistry UWorld SIM1   HirotoShishido

globus sensation
psychiatry UWorld SIM1   HirotoShishido

findings on x-ray

musculoskeletal UWorld SIM1   HirotoShishido

english   HirotoShishido

what is the function of platelet for forming atheroma
cardiology UWorld   HirotoShishido

management for transient ischemic attack(TIA)
neurology UWorld   HirotoShishido

common cause of myopathy
musculoskeletal rheumatology UWorld   HirotoShishido

character/duration of each headaches
neurology clinical skill UWorld   HirotoShishido

inhalation anesthetics effects on organs
anesthesiology pharmacology UWorld   HirotoShishido

english   HirotoShishido

non-permeable part of nephron to water
renal UWorld   HirotoShishido

what synthesize bile acid
gastrointestinal UWorld   HirotoShishido

english medical term   HirotoShishido

microbiology UWorld   HirotoShishido