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congenital torticollis
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neonatal abstinence syndrome
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GI functions of pregnant woman
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renal functions of pregnant woman
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differntials of Abnormal uterine bleeding(AUB)
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what should be given to pregnant mothers at risk of delivering prior to 34 weeks' gestation before delivery?
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the difference between complete mole and partial mole
p57 expression

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painful STI
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Meigs syndrome

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medical abortion
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fetal alcohol syndrome

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ovarian neoplasm which manifest postmenopausal bleeding
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most common ovarian tumor in females 10-30yo

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the treatment for pregnant women with DVT at less than 37 weeks gestation
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imperforate hymen
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Listeria monocytogenes
transmission, infection

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congenital syphilis
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the reason why phenytoin trigger neural tube defect
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selective estsogen receptor modulator(SERM)

①indications ②side effects

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